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Update Christian Wedewardt Seminar

Hello all,

Due to the CORONA virus I saw a lot of seminars being cancelled.

I believe seminars are a good way to improve your karate and september is traditionally the start of the martial arts season, I will be reducing the entrance fee for the weekend. At the moment I won’t accept one-day bookings.

I really hope to see you again this year. I spoke to Christian about it and he is very keen on giving his first seminar in Belgium. I hope you can join me in September.

The fee is now 50€ for 13 hours of practical karate.

2 thoughts on “Update Christian Wedewardt Seminar

  1. hi Jason,
    will there be a reimbursement or a postponement in case the seminar can’t happen because of Covid?
    thanks much

    1. hi Niels,

      We will reimburse the participants if the seminar needs to be cancelled.


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