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UPDATE: Iain Abernethy will be joining the Christian Wedewardt seminar

Hello all,

Great news for all karateka’s that like the practical side of things. Iain Abernethy will be joining the Christian Wedewardt seminar on 11-12-13 september.

As it will probably be one of the only practical seminars in Belgium don’t hesitate to book your seats now!

We suggest that you book the seminar with a designated partner as we won’t be switching partners in between sessions. This is of course a preventive measure to limit the people you come in contact with.

If you have flu like symptoms, we suggest you stay at home.

A couple of measures we will be taking at the seminar:

  • temperature measured at the start of a session (above 37.5 Celsius).
  • a mask should be worn if you are training with someone that is not your designated partner
  • changing rooms require a mask to be worn as the distance of 1.5 meters can’t be guaranteed

The fee is 50€ for 13 hours of practical karate. Only 40 participants will be allowed. Book here

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Update Christian Wedewardt Seminar

Hello all,

Due to the CORONA virus I saw a lot of seminars being cancelled.

I believe seminars are a good way to improve your karate and september is traditionally the start of the martial arts season, I will be reducing the entrance fee for the weekend. At the moment I won’t accept one-day bookings.

I really hope to see you again this year. I spoke to Christian about it and he is very keen on giving his first seminar in Belgium. I hope you can join me in September.

The fee is now 50€ for 13 hours of practical karate.