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Christian Wedewardt is coming …

Christian Wedewardt is coming to Belgium for the first time. He is the owner of and gives a holisitic approach to the 3K’s ( Kihon, Kata, Kumite) similar to what Iain Abernethy teaches.

Christian is the author of the Book “The Heian-Kata-Bunkai-Phenomenon” which deals with the content of this 5-part Kata-Series as a learning-koncept for Self-defense. 

While teaching Kata-Bunkai and related drills the focus on Self-Defense is never far away. Christian has developed a whole curriculum that focusses solely on Karate-based Self-Defense formulated in given Katas. It is a unique method in learning awareness and how to protect yourself and others which has the benefit of easily remembering the learning-stuff because of the relation to the katas. 

This seminar will be a new type of seminar as there will be a pad drill session.

The kata Niseishi/Nijushiho will be studied in depth during the saturday sessions. Besides the Kata-Bunkai there will be an extraction of Principles , Alternatives and Tactics (PAT) to work on. Finally there will be a partner- and paddrill session.

For Sunday we will have a Heian-Kata-System-Bunkai session which would allow you to have a brief insight on new methods to show to your students. 

On Friday September 12th there will be a training for the people purchasing a weekend ticket
– 17:00 till 19:00 : Pad drill to get you started for an action packed weekend 

Saturday September 13th will have 4 sessions on Niseishi/Nijushiho
– 09:00 to 12:00 Bunkai Part 1 Basic
– 13:00 to 15:00 Bunkai Part 2 Advanced (PAT)
– 15:30 to 17:00 Bunkai Part 3 Transition to life application
– 17:30 to 19:00 partner- & paddrills

Sunday September 14th will run from
– 09:00 to 12:00. Insight into Heian-Kata System Bunkai.

The full weekend pass will cost 75€, a Saturday only pass will cost 50€, a Sunday only pass will cost 35€.

Booking before May 1st, 2020 will cost you only 65€ for the whole seminar

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