Seminar Iain Abernethy in Brugge, Belgium – Sept 8th – Saturday Only – DAYPASS


This pass is for the Saturday September 8th sessions only.

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Iain Abernethy is the chief instructor of the World Combat Association and a 7th DAN in the British Combat Association.
He is a renowned author of many self-defense articles, martial arts books and videos.

He approaches kata in a holistic manner (each kata is a complete fighting system).

This seminar will cover the bunkai and practical application of Tekki Shodan(Naihanshi) and Bassai Dai (Passai).


Saturday 10 AM 1 PM
Saturday 2 PM 5 PM

Venue Location

Sportcomplex Tempelhof
Tempelhof 57
8000 Brugge

Google Maps

Tempelhof Brugge

THIS IS A DAYPASS. Are you sure you want to miss out on the Friday and Sunday Sessions for only 30 € more ?*

*Till June 1st, 2018  you will get a discounted price for the 3 day pass of 50 €.


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